1.  We first met at 16yrs old.
      We worked together in a
      sneaker store.

  2. We reconnected 10 yrs later.
       Yup, we wore sneakers on
       our wedding day!

5. Although our journey didn't have a happy ending, we still have hope and each other!

3. They take me to my happy    
     place, so we wore them to
     every fertility appointment.

4. We announced our miracle 
     was finally coming, but 
     we miscarried yet again.

I share the raw, real, uncut version of myself in hopes that you can find healing in your own journey.
Revealing my emotions rather than hiding them has helped me to find the courage to accept, let go, and finally heal.
By sharing my story, I pray you will find meaning in your own and know that you are not alone.

Are you going through a health challenge?            
Struggle with infertility?                              
Experienced the loss of a loved one?
Have an eating disorder?
Suffer from depression or suicide?

If you answered yes to any, I can relate because that was me (I suffered from them all.)
We’re all on the same journey and it’s called life!

Mine didn’t go as planned and it seemed like a never-ending nightmare that left me angry, hopeless, and brokenhearted.



          Since I was a little girl I was constantly sick; bronchitis, asthma, allergies, reoccurring sinus infections, digestive issues, extreme low back pain, and autoimmune conditions. I saw what seemed like every specialist; they never got down to the root cause, only prescribed one medication after another. Needless to say, after being on medications for more than twenty years, my immune system became compromised, which made me more susceptible to illness. I made the decision to put my health into my own hands and embark on a holistic journey.
          I became a board certified holistic health coach and personal trainer. Helping others transform their body came easy, it was helping myself that became a struggle. Being a trainer had a negative impact on my body and mind. I felt pressured to look a certain way, as if I was being judged based upon my appearance. I became obsessed with my body and went to drastic measures to fit in, which led to an eating disorder (bulimia) for eighteen years. My own body became my worst enemy. I often asked myself how could all my efforts to be healthy, leave me feeling so unhealthy?? Nutritionally, what typically worked for others never worked for me. I decided to go against what I was always told and went vegan. Best decision I ever made!
          When I was twenty-five my life took a drastic, unexpected turn. My father was diagnosed with stage four lung and kidney cancer. He chose conventional methods to heal; chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and brain surgery. He eventually was left unable to see and walk. I watched the strongest man I know become powerless. Unfortunately, within one year my hero and best friend lost his battle and took his last breath in bed with me at the age of fifty.

          For years I struggled to find strength and acceptance, but I was faced with one challenge after another. My husband and I were not getting pregnant naturally, so we decided to start the fertility process. Nothing could prepare us for this gut-wrenching journey. Over the last eight years I had eight procedures and four miscarriages. It has been emotionally, physically and financially exhausting. What seems like such a natural easy process, became impossible. Although my story did not end the way we hoped (yet), I ldiscovered many blessings throughout the process.
          Sadly, there’s so much misinformation in medical communities that it has robbed many of us of hope and knowledge. I thought if doctors couldn’t help me, then who? I was ready to give up.
          Until the day I was led to Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Center. Dr. Roger Sahoury explained that the power that made the body heals the body, if there’s no interference. My nervous system scan showed that I had severe interference in my nerves. The x-ray findings demonstrated a reverse curvature, preventing life flow to my brain and major organs. I immediately went under corrective care treatments; after three months I had hope, and within one year I started to regain my life back. I was finally off all my medications!
          My advice; never give up, have faith, do your research and find the right support. Each person has different struggles and unique needs. An approach to healing is not a “one size fits all.” Find what works for you! God did create us all individually.
          Nothing in life could prepare me for all of the challenges I was faced with, but throughout all the heartache, I discovered many blessings. I couldn't change what happened, but eventually realized I needed to experience the darkness to see the light. I've learned to surrender, find acceptance in all that has happened and know that God has a plan!
          If you feel trapped just like I was and broken beyond repair, I’m here to give you light and hope! My purpose is to encourage you that you can overcome any challenge, love and accept yourself through the process!

Light & Love,
Angela Dawes,